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Specialized Topics

Additional Course Topics

  • On-Site Only

    Start Treating TMD Tomorrow

    Treating many types of orofacial pain is within the physical therapists scope of practice. Lipton et al. reported that over a 6-month period 22% of...

  • Online Only

    Essentials of Telehealth

    This course is designed to enhance the participant’s understanding of key principles in conducting a synchronous telehealth session. Participants will be able to apply the...

  • Online Only

    Long Haul COVID-19 Outpatient Rehabilitation

    Learn best practices for rehabilitation of individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. This self-paced course provides a comprehensive overview of outpatient rehabilitation practices for individuals...

  • Online Only

    Cardiovascular Considerations in PT

    Cardiovascular Disease is the current leading cause of death in the United States. Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease oftentimes seek the assistance of a Physical...

  • Online Only

    Essentials of Musculoskeletal Imaging

    This course encompasses the essentials of musculoskeletal radiology and other common imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, musculoskeletal ultrasound, Bone Scans, and DEXA Scans. This...

  • Online Only

    Essentials of Medical Screening in Physical Therapy Practice

      Through the use of pertinent patient case examples, emphasis is placed on describing patient history and physical examination findings that may prompt the physical...

  • Online Only

    Evidence-Based Practice I

    This Evidence-Based Practice: I course is an introduction into understanding and implementing evidence-based practice into healthcare. This course is designed for busy clinicians. No prior...

  • Online Only

    Online: Business Management Principles for the Rehab Therapist

    This course will provide participants with a better understanding of basic management principles essential to obtaining a competitive advantage in the physical therapy marketplace. This...

  • Online Only

    Essentials of Pharmacology

    This course provides an understanding of the pharmacologic principles of commonly prescribed medications and the impact of such principles on patient management within the context...

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