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Evidence-Based Practice I


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This Evidence-Based Practice: I course is an introduction into understanding and implementing evidence-based practice into healthcare. This course is designed for busy clinicians. No prior understanding of research or statistics is required to be successful in this course. This course defines evidence-based practice, explores terminology used in research and statistics, and then moves further into decision-making for application of research to the clinic.This course examines why evidence-based practice and evidence-informed practice are essential for healthcare providers. It teaches the learner how to analyze research to best incorporate research into current practice. Because of this, this course can help improve all 4 aspects of patient care – financial, equipment, practicality of implementation, and applicability to various patient populations.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

By the end of the course, a successful participant will be able to: 

  • Learners will define evidence-based practice in healthcare.
  • Learners will identify why evidence-based healthcare is essential.
  • Learners will define terminology from research and health statistics
  • Learners will examine the process of critical appraisal.
  • Learners will differentiate between evidence-based practice and evidence-informed practice.



Evidence In Motion is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. PD activity approval ID# 9551.This Distance learning-independent activity is offered at .815 CEUs Intermediate, OT Service Delivery, Professional Issues. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures.

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  • Why EIM

    We’re reimagining health care education that takes you to the next next level. With learning that takes place where you are, evidence-based practice, and better outcomes for your patients, our education is transformative. That’s why EIM.

  • This course is very educational and helpful. I now feel like I have a better grasp on EBP and will continue to use this material throughout my career as a physical therapist. Course Graduate

  • This course was easy to manage with a busy schedule and gives great insight on how to look at the literature and use the statistical numbers on a daily basis to improve your clinical decision making. I will certainly feel more comfortable looking through research articles and the associated stats to improve the care and treatment I am providing Course Graduate


CEU and Cancellation Policy

If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact us here. We will process requests for reasonable accommodation and will provide reasonable accommodations where appropriate, in a prompt and efficient manner. For more information please see the Accommodation Procedures for Disabled Participants.

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