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Essentials of Medical Screening in Physical Therapy Practice


Contact Hours: 25 hours/2.5 CEU/25 CCU

Length: 6 Weeks (ONLINE COURSE)

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For: PT, OT


Through the use of pertinent patient case examples, emphasis is placed on describing patient history and physical examination findings that may prompt the physical therapist to hypothesize about the existence of medical conditions presenting as musculoskeletal conditions and facilitate appropriate medical evaluation and management strategies. An emphasis of this course will be on clinical decision-making principles in an outpatient, direct access physical therapy setting. However, the principles presented are applicable to any clinical setting.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Utilize a medical screening form to guide a review of systems across the life span.
  • Recognize red flags for potentially serious conditions not amenable to treatment by a physical therapist or that require referral to other providers.
  • Recognize potentially serious conditions that can mimic musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Recognize yellow flags: such as depression or fear avoidance and incorporate these findings into clinical decision-making.
  • Communicate effectively with referring providers regarding signs/symptoms suggestive of non-musculoskeletal disorders or conditions potentially needing referral or consultation with medical providers.
  • Demonstrate clinical decision making skills, including clinical reasoning, clinical judgment, and reflective practice.


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  • My favorite part of this course was the interaction with examples of direct clinical care with classmates. It was extremely helpful, and it gave nice examples of how things look in real time, and how we could best rule things out. Course Graduate

  • I liked the intake form project the most. I feel medical screening is very important for improving patient care and for the profession and this was an excellent project for the class. Course Graduate


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