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Certifications with your Post-professional DPT

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If your goal is to earn your Post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), we give you several options to add on DPT coursework while you also work toward a specialty certification.

EIM Programs with Post-professional DPT option:


How much additional time will a DPT require?

The additional time a DPT adds to a certification varies depending on the certification. The DPT can add as little as 6 months or as many as 12 months. Certifications with the DPT average about 18 months to complete.

Are there additional admissions requirements for adding on a DPT?

All physical and occupational therapist applicants to the optional Post-professional DPT/OTD must have completed either a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree level CAPTE or ACOTE accredited physical therapy or occupational therapy curriculum, respectively, or have had a state physical or occupational therapy board approve the applicant’s first-professional physical or occupational therapy program to be “equivalent” to a US CAPTE or ACOTE accredited physical or occupational therapy, respectively, program. Applicants who have graduated from a university outside of the US must provide a copy of their physical or occupational therapy degree equivalency evaluation for admission.

EIM’s tDPT, like all tDPTs, is unaccredited, because CAPTE only accredits entry level DPT programs. EIM is a teaching institute that is licensed to issue certificates; however, it is not a regionally accredited institution. If your goals are clinical in nature, this program will meet your needs; if your goals are academic, we recommend researching requirements for your tDPT.

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