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PT Elevated l Align 2022 – From Player to Patient to PT l David Bruton

July 12, 2022 • Advocacy • Kory Zimney, Paul Mintken

Welcome back to a NEW season of PT Elevated where we are broadening our topics to include more researchers but still focusing on topics that you can use in your clinic every day. This season we will have some of our speakers as guests who will be live in-person at the EIM Align Conference this August 26-28 in Dallas, Texas.

On our sixth episode of season 3, guest David Bruton Jr., DPT joins! David is an Align Conference keynote speaker this year! He is a former professional football player in the NFL for 8 years 7 with the Broncos and 1 with the Washington Football Team, from 2009-2016.

David played at the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with two degrees, political science, and sociology, in 2009. He is a member of the CU Physical Therapy Scholarship Board, Founder of Bruton’s Books, and an advocate for change. He graduated from the University of Colorado DPT program in December 2021 and owner of Between the Lines Physical Therapy, helping people return to their game!

In this episode they focus on what led David to decide to become a physical therapist, why physical therapy always played a huge role in David’s life, his unique role having experienced concussion protocols playing in the NFL, and speaking about them to the senate and more!

Here are some of the highlights:
David has always enjoyed reading especially when he was injured and couldn’t practice in the NFL. He always enjoyed a good book that expanded his mind. In 2015 he wanted to expand his volunteer role in the NFL community with literacy and he wanted to have an impact at the ground level with something that was more his passion. He wanted to be involved in the project. Since he established and founded his foundation, Bruton’s Books, they have been able to conduct multiple projects to create opportunities for Colorado’s Youth. Their mission is to help low-income children in grades K-3 become strong readers through tutoring and providing books to underfunded schools, libraries, and classrooms.

David has opened his own clinic, Between The Lines Physical Therapy. Where they are always, “Focusing Between the Lines,” and truly know what it’s like to compete “Between the Lines.” They say, “This gives us a unique perspective on what physical therapy means to the patient, and more importantly, how we as a team, can deliver effective treatments and therapies to get you back in your game. Trust our team to help get you back in peak performance.” They offer performance care to take your game to the next level, preventative care so you can stay ahead and prevent injury and physical therapy to recover and return to your game.
David’s Clinical Pearl
“One of the biggest things as a new grad that I learned is that your evaluation does not have to be 100% complete in that first session. Keeping in mind you don’t have to get everything right on the first time. Keep a working hypothesis and be able to evolve it and work on it throughout the evaluation. Accept the improbable, be ready to react and adapt.”

Helpful research and training:
Advanced Principles of Patient-Client Management: Called to Care
Bruton’s Books, Website

Ad Info: We are excited to be back in person and back to hands-on learning for the 2022 Align Conference. This year you can join an all-star lineup of speakers in Dallas, Texas, August 26 through the 28. The labs and lectures focus on sharpening the physical, hands-on treatments essential to patient care. Save 5% on registration as a PT Elevated Podcast listener. Visit and use the promo code PTELEVATED at checkout.  You can find the promo code and a link to the website in the show notes. We can’t wait to see you!

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Kory Zimney

Kory received a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota in 1994. He completed his transitional DPT from Des Moines University in 2010 and a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 2020. His dissertation focused on the construct of trust as part of the therapeutic alliance and its relation...

Paul Mintken

Paul has taught musculoskeletal content for the past 15 years. His active research agenda focuses on conservative care for musculoskeletal disorders as well as spinal and extremity manipulation and dry needling. Current Roles: Evidence In Motion, Faculty Wardenburg Health Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, Lead Clinician Regis University Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy,...

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