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On-Demand: Understanding Running Biomechanics

Webinar • Cardiovascular

Presenter: Jason Soncrant

You do not need an expensive biomechanics lab to analyze the kinetics and kinematics of running gait. This webinar will teach you how to analyze running gait biomechanics using a mobile video capture app in almost any clinical setting. Then we will review evidence based interventions to improve running gait biomechanics.

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Jason Soncrant

Jason is an experienced clinician and passionate educator. He earned his BS in physical therapy from the University of Toledo in 1995. He has since continued his commitment as a lifelong learner earning numerous post-professional certifications. Jason earned his transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy from Chatham University (PA) in 2009 and his manual therapy fellowship...

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Zach Littlefield

Commented • June 19, 2023

I would like to attend the webinar.

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