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Sports Competencies


Contact Hours: 24 Hours

Length: 2 days

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For: PT, PTA, ATC, Student

In order to become a productive member of a sports medicine team, the sports physical therapist needs to be versed in many facets of care of the athlete. EIM’s evidence-based Sports Competencies course will cover many of these facets, to include: preventive and supportive taping; pre-participation screenings; functional movement screenings including corrective exercise prescription; evaluation, instruction and treatment of athletic movement; late-phase ACL rehabilitation; and injury prevention programs.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Incorporate information from self-report measures, history, and pre-participation musculoskeletal screenings to guide evidence-based decision making and recommendations to a team physician regarding sports participation and/or need for rehabilitation.
  • Implement a clinical examination for functional movement utilizing evidence-based assessment tools.
  • Evaluate athletic movement across different athletic populations to assess and mitigate the risk of injury.
  • Interpret findings from a clinical examination and an evaluation of athletic movement to prescribe targeted exercises and injury prevention strategies.
  • Demonstrate neuromuscular training, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapy interventions based on current best evidence for the rehabilitation of the physically active individual.
  • Demonstrate a clinical examination of an individual with a concussion and differentiate between the various clinical profiles based on clinical findings.
  • Identify the appropriate context for taping and bracing and be able to implement taping techniques with athletic populations.


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  • I LOVED this course. I highly and strongly recommend this class to improve your ability to analyze return to sport, treat concussions, improve comfortability with outcome measure testing, and injury prevention programs with athletes. I have already started utilizing the injury prevention program with a throwing evaluation I saw the day following the class. Course Graduate

  • Overall, this course made me a better sports therapist and anyone who see's sports specific patients should highly consider this course. Course Graduate


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