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Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health Courses

  • Hybrid

    Advanced Pelvic Floor Treatment and Intervention

    This advanced management course explores topics related to advanced pelvic health management, including visceral mobilization, male pelvic floor assessment and intervention, and advanced pelvic organ...

  • Online Only

    Body Systems Impacting Pelvic Musculoskeletal Health

    Course Description This self-directed 4-week course overviews normal anatomy & physiology of the gastrointestinal, urinary, and male and female reproductive systems. It will provide a...

  • Online Only

    Pelvic Floor Post-Op/Pharmacology

    Course Description This course will provide information to enhance your learning regarding abdominal, pelvic, genital and nerve surgeries and pharmacology implications. Rehabilitation ramifications regarding pre...

  • Online Only

    Pelvic Health from Adolescence Through Older Adulthood

    Course Description Learn about normal pelvic floor changes that occur during the life span, including adolescence, the childbearing years, during and after menopause, and during...

  • Hybrid • Virtual Lab

    Pelvic Health I – Applications for Orthopaedic Therapists

    EIM’s Pelvic Health I course is designed to teach orthopaedic physical and occupational therapists how to effectively integrate the pelvic floor into treatment for clients...

  • Hybrid

    Pelvic Health II – Advanced Topics and Internal Techniques

    EIM’s Pelvic Health II course is designed to teach the student advanced pelvic floor techniques, including internal vaginal and rectal pelvic floor examination; evaluation and...

  • Online Only

    Sexuality Considerations

    Course Description This course is designed to enhance and deepen your knowledge base as you care for patients with sexual dysfunction and help you create...

  • Online Only

    Special Populations

    Course Description This course provides a comprehensive overview of special populations that you may care for who have pelvic floor dysfunction, to include: children, patients...

Pelvic Health Certifications