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Advanced Pelvic Floor Treatment and Intervention


Credit: 24 Hours/2.4 CEU/24 CCU

Length: 2 days

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––– Prerequisite
Pelvic Health I
Pelvic Health II
For: PT, OT

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This advanced management course uses research and case-based didactic learning to explore topics related to pelvic health management, including differential diagnosis, male pelvic floor assessment and intervention, pediatric pelvic floor assessment and intervention, nutritional and hormonal applications for the pelvic floor, pelvic floor care in patients with a history of cancer, common comorbidities impacting patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, and care for patients who have undergone a surgical procedure to or impacting the pelvic floor. Hands-on learning includes advanced techniques for visceral mobilization, male specific techniques, myofascial and rectal techniques, and a brief introduction to dry needling applications for the pelvic floor.


Contact Hours: 24 – 8 online & 16 on-site
CEUs: 2.4 – .8 online & 1.6 on-site
CCUs: 24 – 8 online & 16 on-site

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Participants will demonstrate an advanced knowledge of pelvic floor assessment and differential diagnosis and be able to generate plans of care that take into consideration all accompanying comorbidities and lifestyle related challenges.
  • Participants will demonstrate ability to perform selected visceral mobilization techniques as well as understanding of when and how to select patients for use of these techniques.
  • Participants will demonstrate clear understanding of nutrition and hormonal impacts on the pelvic floor as well as ability to help patients adjust their choices in these areas to optimize outcomes.
  • Participants will demonstrate ability to review the literature to come up with the answer to a pre-selected question and make an informed choice due to available current evidence.
  • Participants will demonstrate clear understanding of surgical procedures that impact the pelvic floor and demonstrate the ability to come up with suggested post-surgical protocols for these procedures.


CEU and Cancellation Policy

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Dates and Location

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  • Since we had a small class size, I felt like it was a mentoring weekend, rather than just a WI class." Course Graduate

  • This class was wonderful! I learned new skills, and brushed up on others. I truly feel like I can go into the clinic tomorrow and use what I learned, especially the PF dry needling." Course Graduate

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