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Emergency Medical Response for the Sports Venue Challenge


Contact Hours: 11 hours

Length: 1 Day

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For: PT, PTA, ATC, Student, Student, OTHER


The Emergency Medical Response (EMR) Courses integrate the objectives set forth by the American Red Cross and the Department of Transportation for Emergency Response. This course is specifically for sports medicine personnel including, but not limited to, sports physical therapists and certified athletic trainers who respond to acute injuries and illness in the sports venue or in the clinic that have been previously certified in Emergency Medical Response and regularly provide venue coverage and practice acute care in a venue setting.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Use knowledge in the foundational and clinical sciences for injury/disease to enhance outcomes for athletes with acute injury or illness.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of decision-making guidelines (Emergency Action Plans, EAP) that include athlete acute care management.
  • Demonstrate clinical decision-making skills including clinical reasoning, clinical judgement, and reflective practice in the management of acute injury or illness.
  • Examine patients/clients by completing an evidence-based primary assessment, secondary assessment, focused and detailed physical examination.
  • Analyze data from primary assessment, secondary assessment, focused and detailed physical examination to make clinical judgements regarding appropriate patient/client management.
  • Become a productive member of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and sports medicine team in the assessment and management of athletic injury.
  • Incorporate evidence-based practice in the management of patients/clients with acute athletic injury or illness.


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