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DN+ Clinical IQ: Dry Needling in Prenatal and Postpartum Populations


Contact Hours: 2 HOURS

Length: Self-paced

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Course FAQs

––– Prerequisite
Functional Dry Needling® Level 1
For: PT, OT, AT, DC, MD, DO, PA, NP

This course is part of EIM’s Dry Needling Plus (DN+) Series

DN+ FDN in Prenatal and Postpartum Populations is designed to provide clinicians with tools to develop effective management strategies that incorporate dry needling as a part of a comprehensive approach for prenatal and postpartum patient populations. A foundational review of precautions and contraindications specific to these patient populations will be provided along with indications for appropriate dry needling treatment dosage, patient positioning, and typical treatment set ups.

This course is not meant to instruct learners in a comprehensive treatment approach for the prenatal and postpartum populations. It is intended to provide guidelines for practitioners who are already implementing FDN into their practice and are interested in safely integrating FDN into orthopedic management of these special populations.

Course Objectives

  • Accurately identify special considerations for prenatal and postpartum populations in physical therapy.
  • Accurately identify precautions and contraindications for applying dry needling in a prenatal or postpartum population.
  • Apply advanced strategies of Dry Needling (DN) in management of prenatal and postpartum populations with considerations of patient positioning and dosing of DN
  • Effectively employ complimentary techniques (to use along with DN treatment techniques) to achieve optimal outcomes in the management of prenatal and postpartum patients

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