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Advanced Pain Neuroscience Education: Focus on Function


Contact Hours: 18 (2-day) or 16 (3 week)

Length: 2 Days On-Site or 3-Week Virtual Lab

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––– Prerequisite
Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
For: PT, OT, PTA, COTA, Other

Basic application of TNE in the clinic is a good starting point, but it is not the end-point for most patients. The ultimate expression of recovery is behavior change: return to physical confidence. For many patients, some pain will continue to be a part of life, but it doesn’t need to rule their lives. In order to help patients move forward despite their pain, clinicians need to embrace and impart additional strategies such as goal setting, pacing, graded exposure and behavioral change. These strategies lead to functional, empowered patients being able to resume fulfilled, meaningful lives. This course bridges the gap from initial pain education to independence.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Advance their knowledge and clinical ability to perform therapeutic neuroscience education.
  • Problem solve various barriers to reconceptualization regarding therapeutic neuroscience education.
  • Utilize motivational interviewing and goal setting to develop a structured plan of care to foster behavioral change.
  • Develop and implement pacing and graded exposure of various daily activities and exercise for people with persistent pain.
  • Identify, discuss and address issues related to fear-avoidance and kinesiophobia for people recovering from pain-related fear and limited function.
  • Develop strategies to apply course material into clinical practice.


Evidence In Motion is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. PD activity approval ID# 0000006972.This Live, Blended/Hybrid activity is offered at 18 CEUs, Advanced, OT Service Delivery, Foundational Knowledge. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures.

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  • This class really helped switch my thinking from the biomedical model of pain to the biopscychosocial model. Finding that language that is both validating to the client and facilitates a different conversation than they have likely ever had about their pain is what I feel like I gained from this class. Course Graduate

  • I would highly recommend this course. You will continue to build upon a knowledge base, the sciences of pain and behavior change, and learn how to implement these things practically. Course Graduate


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