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PT Elevated: Do the Basics and Know When to Apply Them | Doug Adams, PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS

July 7, 2021 • Clinical Management • JJ Thomas, Kory Zimney

Join us on PT Elevated as JJ Thomas and Kory Zimney talk with Doug Adams, PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS, a clinical expert and researcher and friend of JJ Thomas. Adams’ career started with a background heavy in research from University of Delaware, learning alongside Irene Davis, Richard Willy and Lynn Snyder-Mackler.

Doug talks about his struggle with not getting the results that he wanted when he was in residency and at the beginning of his career. There was a moment where he had to realize that he needed guidance from his colleagues to grow as clinician. That pushed him to rely on a process of test-retest to get the best results.

Through that learning process, he came to the conclusion that having a systematic approach that is backed by research is more important than finding the perfect systematic approach. There’s more than one way to get people better.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation:

Studies that altered how you treat runners

Key Screens for Every Runner

Clinical Pearl: A great drill to help your runners not overstride is marching. Using research from Richard Souza’s 2015 Article “An Evidence-Based Videotaped Running Biomechanics Analysis”


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JJ Thomas

JJ owns Primal Physical Therapy, a private cash-based practice in Bryn Mawr, PA. With over 20 years as a physical therapist, her unique experiences and training have shaped her into the successful clinician and educator she is. JJ holds certifications in a variety of advanced specialty techniques and methods, all of which complement her role...

Kory Zimney

Kory received a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota in 1994. He completed his transitional DPT from Des Moines University in 2010 and a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 2020. His dissertation focused on the construct of trust as part of the therapeutic alliance and its relation...

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