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Geriatric Courses

  • Online Only

    Body Systems Impacting Pelvic Musculoskeletal Health

    Course Description This self-directed 4-week course overviews normal anatomy & physiology of the gastrointestinal, urinary, and male and female reproductive systems. It will provide a...

  • Online Only

    Exercise Prescription in Geriatric Rehab

    This course is designed to provide physical and occupational therapists a review of exercise physiology principles and how they may be applied to the older...

  • Online Only

    GCS Test Prep Course

    The Geriatric Certified Specialist (GCS) Test Prep Course is designed to prepare residents and advanced clinicians to take the Geriatric Certified Specialist Exam and ultimately...

  • Online Only

    Geriatric Integumentary Conditions

    Aging adults have complex health care needs and it is important for rehabilitation professionals to be able to identify needs working to optimize overall health....

  • Online Only

    Geriatric Related Neurological Conditions

    The goal of this 6-week, faculty-led, online course will provide learners with the skills they need to effectively manage various neurologic conditions that are commonly...

  • Online Only

    Hospice and End of Life Considerations

    The goal of this 4-week, self-paced, online course is to inform clinicians of the role that hospice and related settings play within the health care...

  • Online Only

    Introduction to Geriatric Rehabilitation

    This course is designed to improve the participant’s understanding of what Geriatric Rehabilitation entails, what are age-related changes versus physiological changes, how to address these...

  • Online Only

    Management of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders in the Older Adult

    This course, is designed to build upon foundational knowledge of cardiopulmonary anatomy, physiology, general and specific pathophysiology to allow the physical therapists to gain competency...

  • Hybrid

    Management of Falls and Balance Disorders

    The goal of this two-day, faculty-led, on-site weekend intensive course is to provide physical and occupational therapists with the skills required to manage balance and...

  • Hybrid

    Management of Geriatric Musculoskeletal Conditions

    This course will provide physical and occupational therapists with knowledge and skills in managing older adults with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions that impact their...

Geriatric Certification

  • Advanced Geriatric Certification

    The Advanced Geriatric Certification seeks to produce highly skilled and autonomous geriatric practitioners who are prepared to manage the complexities often present in the older...

  • Foundational Geriatric Certification

    The Foundational Geriatric Certification provides rehabilitation professionals with the basic skills required to manage the complex and unique needs of the older adult population. Topics...