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“The best format for success in dry needling.”
– Amy H., PT
“Amazing instructors! Professional, knowledgeable and very helpful.”
– Kalie K., PT
“Game changer in development of treatment and evaluation pathways.”
– Monica U., PT
“I LOVE the skills and the clinical mindset EIM FDN courses taught me.”
– Cori L., PT
“You will come out of courses feeling immediately prepared to implement the techniques with your patients!”
– Caitlin S., PT

Functional Dry Needling®

EIM’s comprehensive approach to dry needling combines clinical reasoning and hands-on instruction by experienced faculty, giving you not just a powerful tool but also the confidence to use it first thing Monday morning in your clinic. FDN is our unique take on dry needling that makes an impact on your patients and opens pathways to desired clinical results and lasting change.

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Your Pathway to Dry Needling Expertise

Functional Dry Needling® Level 1

This foundational course focuses on the technical skills needed to begin dry needling. Musculature taught includes the hip, lower extremity, thigh, upper extremity, shoulder, lumbar spine and cervical spine.

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Functional Dry Needling® Level 2

The next course in our foundational series offers a continuation and expansion of the technical skills developed in Level 1. Musculature taught in this course includes the thoracic spine and trunk, lumbar spine, cervical spine, hip, hand, foot, upper extremity, temporomandibular joint and connective tissues.

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Clinical Integration

This intermediate to advanced level course expands upon the technical skills learned in FDN and teaches clinicians how to incorporate dry needling within the scope of other modalities and how to think and treat more globally.

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Advanced Clinical Integration

This advanced level course focuses on the complex patient and advanced strategies when other treatments have not worked. Perfect for those who treat chronic pain, sensitization, TMJ, peripheral joints and athletes.

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Functional Dry Needling® Specialist Certification

This is an advanced clinical competency pathway building off our FDN series. Candidates are trained by world-class dry needling instructors to become sophisticated and highly skilled in their application of FDN in the clinic.

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Functional Dry Needling – Upper Quadrant, Level 1

This is an intermediate level course that teaches technical proficiency in foundational dry needling techniques for the upper quadrant, and is also the newest addition to our FDN catalog. This course gives clinicians the tools to elevate their practice and fosters confidence and competence to integrate dry needling into practice the very next day.

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We have even more dry needling courses to expand your knowledge and skills. Check out our DN+ series and other special topics.

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Our Functional Approach

Our approach is unique and backed by decades of research and practice. FDN Director and Founder Edo Zylstra explains what you can expect from our Functional Dry Needling methodology and learning experience.
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FDN Lunch Hour
Join us monthly for our FDN Lunch Hour where you'll hear from EIM faculty and guests on a number of relevant topics in dry needling.

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