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Functional Dry Needling® Advanced Clinical Integration


Credit: 18 contact hours

Length: 2 DAYS

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––– Prerequisite
Functional Dry Needling®
Level 1

Functional Dry Needling® Level 2
Functional Dry Needling® Clinical Integration
For: PT, MD, DO, DC, PA or NP

This two-day advanced clinical integration course focuses on the complex patient and advanced strategies when other treatments have not worked. This course reviews neuroanatomy and neurophysiology and how to apply it into dry needling and clinical practice for the experienced needler who has been trained in the past but wants to advance their skills to where modern dry needling has progressed.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

These techniques are perfect for the patient with chronic pain or signs of sensitization, and also for the athletic population who require a practitioner to get them past the ‘extra mile’. The Advanced Course is for those who want to advance their current clinical acumen, progressing from the foundation of our Functional Dry Needling series and adding specific techniques targeting the peripheral joints and the TMJ. This course is a culmination of all foundational and clinical applications content learned in Functional Dry Needling.

Come prepared to think and practice like never before!

Note on prerequisites for this course: In addition to prerequisite courses, participants must have one year of dry needling practice after completion of the Functional Dry Needling Level 2 course.


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  • The course was intense both from knowledge level and being a participant. The information gained however was well worth it, and I think my practice will be taken to new heights with the information I gained from the course. Course Graduate

  • I enjoyed getting a new perspective and emphasis on needling that will assist in maintenance of gains as well as the addition of functional change. Course Graduate

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