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Therapeutic Pain Specialist (TPS) Certification FAQs

January 31, 2023 •

How long does the program last?
The TPS certification is a 6-month program.

What are the professional qualifications I must have to enroll in the TPS (Therapeutic Pain Specialist) program?
You must be a healthcare provider with a professional license that is overseen by an appointed state board. Certifications with or without voluntary boards would not qualify.

If I have taken EIM pain classes, can those transfer into the TPS program?
Yes, certain classes qualify, but you will have had to have completed the courses within 2 years of enrolling into the program.

Which classes can I receive a full course credit to transfer into the TPS within those 2 years?
The courses which can transfer in are: ISPI TNE (Therapeutic Neuroscience Education) 6410 (6-week faculty-led TNE course), ISPI-CE 43 (Manual Therapy of the Nervous System) ISPI-CE 500 (Graded Motor Imagery), and ISPI-6110 VL or WI (Advanced TNE:  Focus on Function).

What if I took a 3-week, self-paced or 2-day onsite TNE course within those 2 years?
You will receive a $300 financial credit but still need to re-take the 6-week, faculty-led class.

Will I need to repeat those courses that are transferred in?

What if I do want to re-take those classes that are transferred in?
You can choose to re-take those classes at half price.

How many labs are in this certification?
There are two labs: Manual Therapy of the Nervous System/Graded Motor Imagery (considered one lab), and Advanced Therapeutic Neuroscience Education: Focus on Function.

Is this program all online or do I need to attend weekend lab intensives?
You have the option: You may choose all online, in which each virtual lab takes place over a 3-week time span during the program, or you can choose the Hybrid model, in which you would attend two onsite weekend intensives over the course of the program. You choose your option upon enrollment.

During the program, are there any scheduled virtual classes that I must attend that are mandatory?
No – but if you choose the all-online option, there are scheduled evening sync sessions for the lab courses for Q/A and general discussion. While not mandatory to attend during those scheduled times, it is mandatory that you view the recordings prior to completion of the 3-week module.

What is the difference between faculty-led and self-paced online courses?
The faculty-led courses require weekly assignments and discussion board postings from the material learned with required deadlines that are graded. Self-paced courses over the 3-week modules can be completed at your own pace but must be finished by the end of each module.  Both formats end with a quiz at the completion of each class.

How much time should I budget each week for this program?
Depending on your learning style, we recommend you commit 4-6 hours/week toward the certification.

How many faculty-led and self-paced courses are in the program?
The first class, TNE 6410, is the only faculty-led didactic course within the certification. As previously noted, there are required assignments each week you will be graded on.  The remaining 7 didactic courses are self-paced, online courses put into 3- week modules.  All courses have a quiz at completion.

What is a capstone and what does it entail?
A capstone project is intended to take all the information you have learned and apply it to “real life.” In the TPS you have 2 options at the end of the program: 1.  A 40-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you identify an audience you want to present, and follow a Rubric provided to help guide you through the process.  2.  A robust clinical case study in which you choose one of your own nociplastic-dominant (persistent) pain patients and work through an exercise we have provided.  The exercise itself will be used as the Rubric.

What’s the difference between hybrid and online offerings?
While online learning may include virtual interaction and collaboration with peers and faculty, hybrid learning combines the best of online and hands-on learning, allowing students to cover foundational knowledge and concepts online before on-site weekend intensives where they learn, practice and perfect their hands-on skills.

When do I need to apply for a program?
Program application deadlines vary but most programs offer four cohort starts throughout the year. Please see specific program pages to see which cohorts are offered.

Application deadlines for cohorts are:
Spring Cohort: February 1 (Program starts second Monday in March)
Summer Cohort: June 1 (Program starts second Monday in July)
Fall Cohort: August 1 (Program starts second Monday in September)
Winter Cohort: December 1 (Program starts second Monday in January)

What happens after I submit my application?
After you submit your application, our program team will review the information and determine your acceptance into the program. If more information is needed for admittance, our team will reach out and request the missing information. You will receive an admissions decision within 1-2 business days. Once accepted, our team works with you to set up a plan of study and a payment plan as applicable.

Do you offer payment plans?
Students are responsible for an initial tuition deposit with the return of their student contract. Students may pay the remaining balance in monthly payments. If monthly payments are selected, the student must provide EIM with credit card information. The charges will be automatically charged to that credit card each month, beginning in month one of the program. Tuition is required to be paid in full two months prior to program completion. EIM is happy to accommodate direct billing to sponsoring organizations (e.g. employers) where applicable. If you have questions regarding your payments, please contact EIM’s billing department at (888) 709-7096 or

Which programs can I add a DPT to?
The following programs offer the option to add on a post-professional DPT:

How much additional time will a DPT require?
The additional time a DPT adds to a certification varies depending on the certification. The DPT can add as little as 6 months or as many as 12 months. Certifications with the DPT average about 18 months to complete.

Are there additional admissions requirements for adding a DPT on?
All physical and occupational therapist applicants to the optional Postprofessional DPT/OTD must have completed either a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree level CAPTE or ACOTE accredited physical therapy or occupational therapy curriculum, respectively, or have had a state physical or occupational therapy board approve the applicant’s first-professional physical or occupational therapy program to be “equivalent” to a US CAPTE or ACOTE accredited physical or occupational therapy, respectively, program. Applicants who have graduated from a university outside of the US must provide a copy of their physical or occupational therapy degree equivalency evaluation for admission.

What’s the difference between my EIM Profile and the EIM Classroom?
EIM Profile (formerly My EIM) is where you can keep track of your program progress and update your information all in one place. Access EIM Profile to see your Plan of Study, update your email, address and more. EIM Classroom (formerly Moodle Classroom or My Learning) is where your courses actually take place. Access EIM Classroom for your coursework, videos, quizzes, and any other course material.

What do I wear to the weekend intensive?
Appropriate dress: Participants are asked to bring appropriate attire for lab sessions (i.e. shorts and t-shirts and sports bras for women) and air-conditioned environments throughout the day (i.e. warm-up or work-out clothes).

What do I bring to the weekend intensive?
Bring your laptop to be able to access course material, reference research and take your online quiz. The powerpoint slides will be printed out in your lab manual for you to reference and take notes. If you are taking Concussion Management, you will be doing various neurocognitive assessments on your laptop.

How do I ensure I receive communications related to this course?
To ensure you receive all communication about your course, please add to your email contacts or safe senders list.

Which browser should I use for my coursework?
Canvas, our learning platform, supports the current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

Chrome 91 and 93
Firefox 90 and 91 (Extended Releases are not supported*)
Edge 91 and 93
Respondus Lockdown Browser (supporting the latest system requirements)
Safari 13 and 14 (Macintosh only)

What is the EIM program refund policy?
EIM recognizes that conditions can occur that may necessitate a withdrawal from the Program. EIM will calculate and provide a refund of a portion of the payment on a per credit hour basis for students who must withdraw. The actual refund amount (if any) will equal the total dollar amount of tuition payments made to EIM that exceed the dollar value of the total per credit hour tuition amount for course(s) accessed. The total per credit hour tuition amount includes the tuition of course(s) partially completed. EIM’s decision to refund assumes that the student or Partner requesting a refund is current on all outstanding payments. Refunds on fees such as participant’s application fees, programming fees, and materials fees will not be provided.

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