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January 14, 2020

We have always been in this together. In January 2020, we are making it official.

Why are the EIM brands merging to become one?
By becoming one, the EIM divisions grow stronger, more connected, and more capable than ever to offer unparallelled and accessible education with world class customer service. Our students can take advantage of our courses and programs, fellowships and residencies, all in one place.

When is EIM transitioning?
Although we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for quite some time, our students will experience the full transition in January 2020. At this time, all the companies will come under one name – Evidence In Motion. Courses and programs, and their registration and applications, will live in one place at, and the former websites will redirect to the new website. You will also find that our social media accounts will merge, and all of your favorite social media content, like blog posts and podcasts, will be found @EIMTeam.

What happens to Kinetacore, ISPI and NeuroRecovery Institute after the merger?
All of the educational offerings, faculty and staff will remain the same. The only thing that changes for you as the student is how you will find the content online. Through the new website, you will be able to find all of the different types of educational offerings on one website, making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. It will truly be a NEXT level experience.

Will you still offer dry needling?
Yes! Our educational offerings don’t change. The only visible change is the name under which we operate. We will continue to offer all our state of the art dry needling courses as well as the Functional Dry Needling Certification. You will be able to easily search the new site for any topic, course and programs.

Will EIM still offer pain science courses and programs?
Yes, we will continue to offer all of your favorite pain science courses, as well as the Therapeutic Pain Specialist (TPS) Certification, and a Fellowship in Pain Sciences. You will be able to easily search the new site for any topic, course or program.

Will you still have neuro certifications and courses available?
Yes, we will continue to offer a number of neuro courses, as well as a Certification in Neurological Clinical Practice, a Specialty Certification in Stroke Recovery, a Postprofessional DPT in Neurologic Physical Therapy, and Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency.

Do the core Evidence in Motion courses and programs change?
Absolutely not. We continue to power weekend intensives and certifications in a variety of specializations: manual therapy, pediatric, geriatric, pelvic health, and much more. Our new website launching in January 2020 will take searching for your educational pathway to the NEXT level.

I am used to going to one of your partner web sites to search for educational offerings. How will I find what I am looking for on the new EIM website?
The new website brings all of our courses and program offerings to one place. There are several ways you can find what you’re looking for. We’ve designed the site to help you discover learning experiences that match your goals.

Is faculty going to stay on board and teach the same offerings?
Yes! Fortunately, all of our incredible faculty are staying on board. They will continue to teach the courses and programs that they have been teaching through ISPI, KinetaCore, NeuroRTI and EIM. Additionally, faculty have the opportunity to teach courses and programs that have been “outside” of their company in the past. For instance, a formerly exclusive KinetaCore instructor will continue to teach functional dry needling with EIM and will have the opportunity to teach additional courses and programs in which they have extensive training, like manual therapy, pelvic health, sports physical therapy, etc.

Will all the staff remain the same?
Yes, our staff and faculty are not affected by this change and we will continue to grow and evolve in order to best serve your needs. We are continually working behind the scenes to create an elevated experience for our students and stay true to our mission of delivering accessible lifelong education to healthcare professionals.

Are programs and courses I am currently enrolled in affected by this?
Starting in January 2020, diplomas for our programs and certificates of completion for our courses will be issued under the Evidence In Motion name. Your curriculum is not affected by this change.

I applied for a program starting in 2020. How does this brand transition affect me?
The transition will not affect how your courses and programs are delivered and taught. The only difference will be that your diploma will be issued from Evidence In Motion, regardless of the company name you applied through.

Are my previous courses taken under the different brands going to still be valid?
Yes, the courses you have taken under the different brands will remain valid.

Can I still apply previously completed coursework to a program I am applying into?
Yes, because the courses remain valid, they can still be used as credit towards applicable programs.

How will this affect the certification I earned under one of the other brand names?
The certifications you earned under any of the other brands will remain valid. For accredited programs, like a residency, your accreditation was established from an accreditation board and will not be affected.

Is my experience going to change at all?
Our goal with the transition is to elevate your experience. You will have one central website to find all of the educational offerings that span every discipline.

I follow ISPI, Kinetacore and NRTI on social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.) What happens to the accounts?
In January, we will begin sharing content to our Evidence In Motion channels only. Facebook profiles will be merged so you do not have to do anything – as a follower of any of our brands, you will be added to the EIM page automatically at the beginning of the year. If you follow Kinetacore on Instagram, we will be sending out invitations to join our EIM page. If you follow any of our brands on Twitter, we will be sending out invitations to join our EIM page. You can also start following our eimteam Instagram or Twitter accounts now to see the latest news starting in the new year.

Will I be issued a new certificate for my certification from one of the other brands?
You will not need a new certificate or diploma for any courses or programs you have taken with one of our brands. What you will find is that in 2020, the EIM name will appear on all completion documentation you may receive. That is our way to streamline and simplify!

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
Glad you asked. We have created [email protected] for any questions you may have around this exciting Evidence in Motion transition. Send us an email and someone will be in touch!

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Leda McDaniel, PT, DPT

Commented • January 25, 2020

Hi Chris and Mark, I LOVED this podcast and diving into the importance of the subjective exam! I also have been inspired by the work of Atul Gawande's "Checklist Manifesto" and have applied that reasoning to creating PT evaluation "checklists" to facilitate some of the similar points that you mention: keeping a logical flow and structure for an exam, asking comprehensive red flag screening questions, guiding a systematic decision making process and allowing for "checking" and self-reflection after patient evaluations to assess whether my clinical thought process for diagnosis and treatment followed a rational progression (also as a teaching tool for students learning exam skills). Would love your feedback on how I apply this and if you find these checklists useful (Below are 2 links to blog posts that I wrote specifically about these ideas, and within are links to my checklists): Thanks very much for sharing your experience and expertise! Best, Leda

Jon Waxham

Commented • January 24, 2020

Heidi, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I share in your frustration and certainly agree we need to think creatively and be pro-active when evaluating the administrative side of things and our commitment to high level documentation. I also agree that patient advocacy is the primary driver of change for an organization like CMS. My greatest frustration is that this seems fairly obvious, however the APTA has done nothing to communicate these changes to the patients directly other than social media. Drug companies long ago realized that they needed to cut out the middle man and make the case for their products directly to the consumer. As a result, every other commercial these days is from a drug manufacturer, so now patients go into the doctor's office asking about these drugs instead of waiting for the doctor's suggestion that they might help. We wouldn't still be bombarded by drug ads if they weren't effective. I can't understand why the APTA has not used some of it's marketing budget to speak directly to consumers about our services so patients were educated about the benefits of physical therapy, so they were aware how CMS policies will affect their care and can get directly involved, so when they went in to see the doctor because of neck pain or balance issues that they are the ones asking to go to PT. You point out that we must think proactively and advocate, but when productivity requirements continue to go up and more personal time is spent on documentation we need to rely on our professional association. I feel it is time that they consider some forward thinking and radical changes to the way they do business. I refer to the old adage that doing what you have always done and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. The APTA needs to change their methods and communicate directly with our current and future patients if we are to stop this steady decline in reimbursement and spread the word about the benefits of physical therapy care.