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Lifestyle Medicine and Emotional Health


Credit: 2.5 hours/.25 CEU/2.5 CCU

Length: Self-paced

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For: PT, PTA, MD, DO, RN, NP, PA, PSYCH, Other Licensed Health care Providers

Emotional and mental wellbeing are important factors in overall health and wellness. This course will investigate assessment and intervention strategies addressing emotional and mental health. There will also be a component that explores the importance of the practitioner’s own healthy lifestyle habits as it relates to emotional wellbeing.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  1. Compare, contrast, and describe the Keirsey Temperaments and Enneagram types.
  2. Describe and apply several guided motivational approaches into the practice of Lifestyle Medicine.
  3. Compare and contrast the impact of eudaimonia and hedonia on health and longevity.
  4. Explain the impact of social connectedness on emotional wellbeing.
  5. Cite scientific evidence relating impact of depression and anxiety on pain, physical health and lifestyle behaviors.
  6. Learn and appropriately apply screening tools for pain/stress/anxiety/depression.
  7. Understand the benefit of positive psychology and gratitude for all phases of illness and health.
  8. Explain how adults with ACEs can have physical and mental health disparities as adults.


CEU and Cancellation Policy

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