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Effortless Spinal Manipulation and Advanced Therapeutics


Contact Hours: 19 Hours/1.9 CEU/19 CCU

Length: 2 DAYS

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For: PT, DPT

This course is designed to improve participants’ confidence in performing manual-based interventions and to provide an environment for all participants to receive constructive feedback to assure their manual skills are at the specialist level. Content in this course will primarily focus on thrust manipulation, mobilization and manual resisted exercises specific to the spine. Participants will apply best manual interventions while considering the patient presentation. Participants learn how to determine the risks and benefits of manual therapy and apply this evidence to clinical practice. The goal of this course is to develop manual therapists who are confident and are able to apply effortless manipulation for the patients they serve.

Course Outcomes

  • Perform a cervical spine risk assessment.
  • Determine the risks and benefits of using manual therapy.
  • Implement both subjective and objective asterisks within clinical practice including test-retest principles.
  • Report confidence in at least one manual intervention for each region of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar).
  • Demonstrate appropriate set up and performance of manual therapy techniques directed to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • Demonstrate at least one technique in two different positions (i.e. supine, prone, seated, side lying)
  • Determine and demonstrate best interventions based on various S(P)INSS presentations.
  • Confidently demonstrate at least one manually resisted/supported exercise.
  • Design a HEP that compliments the manual treatment provided in clinic.
  • Appropriately describe and demonstrate best plan of care for patients with spinal disorders.
  • Adequately explain clinical decision making for choosing a specific manual technique while considering the patient presentation.


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