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Welcome to the Next Level EIM

January 11, 2020 • News • Mark Shepherd

In 2015 EIM partnered with the International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI). The partners wanted to work together to expand the reach of pain education. Soon after, EIM partnered with KinetaCore to team up to provide dry needling content. NeuroRTI, another partner, has worked with EIM for years to offer neurology content and programming. Coming together, we had one common goal – to offer accessible, lifelong education to health care professionals in order to transform their communities. Over the years we have strengthened our partnerships and programs. This progression has led to the birth of a new EIM, one that is one brand, one team, one mission.

We are excited for the future as all faculty come together under “one EIM roof.” As a faculty member for EIM, I am excited for this as there is much intention around how EIM will function from a teaching and learning perspective. We are cross communicating amongst programs to learn from each other, share knowledge and expand our programming to be more collaborative. More minds working together will only strengthen what EIM is able to deliver and how we deliver it.

So, as we continue to kick off the year 2020, please let me welcome you to the next, next level EIM. EIM has been in this all together. Now we are making it official as one team, one faculty and one vision – reimagining health care education to humanize patient care in every community.


Have questions? Visit our One EIM FAQ.

Mark Shepherd

Mark is a physical therapist with nine years of experience. He is dedicated to helping students become the best clinicians they can be and is a firm believer that residency and fellowship offer critical mentorship opportunities for young clinicians. Current Roles: Program Director, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, Bellin College Program Coordinator, Evidence In...

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