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November 5, 2019 • News

We have some exciting news to share with you!

The companies you have come to rely upon for evidenced-based healthcare education are uniting under one brand for the good of PT, OT and all the healthcare professions we serve.

In January 2020, Evidence In Motion (EIM), International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI), KinetaCore, and Neuro Recovery and Training Institute (NeuroRTI), are becoming one. We aren’t just changing our name; we are uniting our faculty and staff to truly work as one team to bring you innovative and evidence-based education that will elevate your clinic and your patient care. Together, we’re going to take healthcare education to the next, NEXT level.

So, what does this mean for you? In January 2020:

  • All of our companies are coming under one name – Evidence In Motion.
  • Course and program options – including pain sciences, dry needling and neuro offerings – will live on one website at evidenceinmotion.com.
  • You’ll still find your favorite faculty member teaching your favorite topics.
  • We’re elevating your student experience as you pursue your passion and goals.

As ONE EIM, you will find us tirelessly pursuing our shared vision: reimagining healthcare education to humanize patient care in every community.

We’ve always been in this all together. Now we are making it official.


Have additional questions? We’ve answered a few here.


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Commented • April 2, 2020

Hi Karen, Bellin College offers a Doctorate of Science program that we highly recommend. You can get more information on the program from Jon Weiss at [email protected] Let us know if we can help with any other questions!

Karen Fergason

Commented • April 1, 2020

Is EIM commencing a Doctorate of Science Program? If so, is there information in the website? I have not been able to track it down.


Commented • February 24, 2020

Hi John, I will get you in touch with our customer service team to answer your question.

john fergason

Commented • February 23, 2020

Does EIM qualify for filing with a 1098-T form for tax purposes on the transitional DPT program? I will at least need the federal ID# for EIM for filing. Thank you!

Mary Calys

Commented • November 6, 2019

Fantastic news!

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