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Sign Language Research Opportunity

June 3, 2020 • Pain Science • Adriaan Louw

Hey EIM Community – our pain science team is working on a project to teach people about pain using sign language.

You may be able to help if you:

  • Know sign language
  • Have completed the TPS certification, 2-day weekend TNE or 6-week online TNE

If you’re interested in helping with this work, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information, please email Adriaan Louw at [email protected]

Adriaan Louw

A physical therapist with 28 years of experience, Adriaan first became interested in chronic pain when he realized the models he was taught in school were ineffective. He has dedicated his career to changing the way pain is talked about and treated, in order to provide the best care for every patient. Current Roles: Vice-President...

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