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Research: Behavior Change Following PNE in Middle School

July 16, 2020 • Pain Science • Adriaan Louw

The EIM pain science team has published a paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health with their findings for a middle school trial where they followed students for the rest of the school year.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The PNE Boost group, relative to usual care, used 30% less pain meds the rest of the year
  • Kids with pain at the initial start who got PNE Boost missed significantly fewer days of school and sport participation
  • The findings of this trial may indicate a dedicated PNE curriculum for kids in school with pain

This is another example of this team’s research on ways to impact opioid use through upstream efforts that produce downstream effects.

You can read the full paper here, or access it online here.


Louw, A.; Landrus, R.; Podolak, J.; Benz, P.; DeLorenzo, J.; Davis, C.; Rogers, A.; Cooper, K.; Louw, C.; Zimney, K.; Puentedura, E.J.; Landers, M.R. Behavior Change Following Pain Neuroscience Education in Middle Schools: A Public Health Trial. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 4505.

Adriaan Louw

A physical therapist with 28 years of experience, Adriaan first became interested in chronic pain when he realized the models he was taught in school were ineffective. He has dedicated his career to changing the way pain is talked about and treated, in order to provide the best care for every patient. Current Roles: Vice-President...

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Commented • July 19, 2020

Dear PNE Research Team, A well done study! Congratulations! However, shame on the parents of the world! Giving middle school aged kids pain meds! Come on parents! An ice bag, a band aid and encouragement that it will be ok! Pain is normal when you fall off your bike or skin your knee playing kick ball! Thank you. Edie

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