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Practice Leadership – Burning Questions | Does telehealth have a role in physical therapy? | Jim Glinn

November 3, 2021 • Advocacy • Larry Benz

Jim Glinn, PT, DPT, OCS Emeritus, joins our host Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP, CEO of Confluent Health, for this week’s episode to talk about the role of telehealth in physical therapy.

Jim helped to create Everflex Health, a telehealth tool that provides musculoskeletal education and exercises as well as connecting patients with clinicians when needed. Larry and Jim talk about the challenges of telehealth, including adoption and quality patient care. They also cover the impact of telehealth for the future of the physical therapy profession with behavioral health interventions, the shift away from an intervention mentality and the commoditization of physical therapists.

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James E. Glinn, PT, DPT, OCS Emeritus is the Founder of the Movement For Life Team and Everflex. He shares responsibility for the leadership, strategic planning and operations of the multi-facility organization, while heading up the digital care, wellness and lifestyle programming for the Team.

Jim is a graduate of the medical center at Loma Linda University, and he completed his doctorate in Physical Therapy through the University of St. Augustine and the North American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Glinn serves as faculty for the EIM and Northeastern University Doctoral programs. In both his personal and professional time, Jim, a former All-American athlete, continues to coach and deliver care to All-Americans, Olympians, Amateur and Professional Athletes and Teams.

Larry Benz

Dr. Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP, is the President/CEO of Confluent Health. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in private practice physical therapy and occupational medicine. Dr. Benz’s current areas of interest include conducting research and integrating empathy, compassion, and positive psychology interventions within physical therapy. He released a book on September 15,...

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