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Pain Science Courses

  • Hybrid • Virtual Lab

    Advanced Pain Neuroscience Education: Focus on Function

    Basic application of TNE in the clinic is a good starting point, but it is not the end-point for most patients. The ultimate expression of...

  • Online Only

    DN+: Pain, Neuroplasticity and Dry Needling

    This course is part of EIM’s Dry Needling Plus (DN+) Series Pain, Neuroplasticity and Dry Needling is an intermediate-level course that explores the use of...

  • On-Site Only

    Graded Motor Imagery

    This course focuses on treating people with a hypersensitive nervous system who are clinically “too hot to handle.” With the advent of pain neuroscience exploring...

  • On-Site Only

    Manual Therapy of the Nervous System

    Neurodynamics is the physical ability of the nervous system allowing it to move, slide, glide and accommodate human movement and function. Compared to more traditional...

  • Online Only

    Online 3-Week Pain Neuroscience Education

    This course is for clinicians who are looking to obtain CEU hours through a world-class learning experience that can transform how you care for patients...

  • Online Only

    Online: Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

    The goal of this 6-week online course is to teach clinicians how to integrate Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) into their clinical practice. Current best evidence...

  • On-Site Only

    Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

    This course is designed to update attendees on the latest evidence and clinical application of pain neuroscience education (PNE) for patients in pain. Current best...

  • Online Only

    Virtual Reality Training: Pain Neuroscience Education

    EIM’s Virtual Reality Training: Pain Neuroscience Education is offered in partnership with BehaVR. Learn how to integrate virtual reality and digital applications in your treatment...

  • Online Only

    Words that Harm and Words that Heal in the Front Office

    This online class, using the latest neuroscience research, provides attendees with an understanding of how pain works and showcases current front-office and medical interactions that...

Pain Science Certifications