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Movers & Shakers I Change Makers I Adriaan Louw

May 26, 2022 • Fellowship • Larry Benz, Adriaan Louw

Join host Dr. Larry Benz, nationally recognized for his expertise in private practice physical therapy and occupational medicine alongside NEW co-hosts Tim Reynolds and Bryan Guzski. From Evidence In Motion, The Practice Leadership Podcast’s Movers and Shakers Season will go straight to the source, asking the industry heavyweights about research, social media, what technology challenges lie ahead, their seasoned advice form the clinic floor, and where to take action in advocacy.

Larry Benz, Tim Reynolds and Bryan Guzski are joined by Dr. Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, he is co-founder of ISPI – International Spine and Pain Institute (now EIM), Vice-President of Faculty Experience at Evidence In Motion and one of the foremost authorities, innovators and researchers in all things persistent pain.

They discuss how to get younger therapists to desire treating chronic or persistent pain and the need for better mentorship once they are managing a client with persistent pain. They highlight the importance of early exposure to pain science and the amazing things in pain science happening today like the New International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) guidelines that are now CAPD required in physical therapy schools. Now current & incoming physical therapists will have pain science incorporated from the beginning of their careers.

Adriaan discusses the algorithm of 3-3-1 they developed to teach to PT students to get them to understand pain science – The three types of pain, nociceptive, peripheral neuropathic and central pain. We examine them different, treat them different and allocate our resources to treat them different. To treat persistent pain, you need 3 things:  to think different (cognitive), movement & calming the nervous system down. Finally, knowing every case of pain is unique.

Adriaan: “There is nothing more challenging in clinical practice then to change a person’s life. To change a person’s life where they are going attend a wedding or go to a family reunion or lift a grandchild again, those things matter. I can probably remember a handful of people that I manipulated their neck and they felt better but I almost remember every person along the path that I changed their life. This is very meaningful work.”

Listen for more pain science insights including digital therapeutics, telehealth, VR use in clinics and more.

More Links:
Larry Benz – Twitter@PhysicalTherapy
Tim Reynolds – Twitter –@ TimReynoldsDPT
Movers & Mentors – Twitter – @MoversMentors
Evidence In Motion – Twitter@EIMTeam 

Research from Hunter Hoffman, PhD Virtual Reality 
RESEARCH: A comparison of interactive immersive virtual reality and still nature pictures as distraction-based analgesia in burn wound care
RESEARCH: Virtual reality hand therapy: A new tool for nonopioid
analgesia for acute procedural pain, hand rehabilitation, and VR embodiment therapy for phantom limb pain

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Larry Benz

Dr. Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP, is the President/CEO of Confluent Health. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in private practice physical therapy and occupational medicine. Dr. Benz’s current areas of interest include conducting research and integrating empathy, compassion, and positive psychology interventions within physical therapy. He released a book on September 15,...

Adriaan Louw

Adriaan earned his undergraduate, master’s degree and PhD in physiotherapy from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an adjunct faculty member at St. Ambrose University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, teaching pain science. Adriaan has taught throughout the US and internationally for 25 years at numerous national and...

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