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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Courses

  • Online Only

    Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

    Lifestyle medicine is a term that some may not be familiar with and encompasses much of what a health care provider may need to know...

  • Online Only

    Lifestyle Medicine and Emotional Health

    Emotional and mental wellbeing are important factors in overall health and wellness. This course will investigate assessment and intervention strategies addressing emotional and mental health....

  • Online Only

    Lifestyle Nutrition

    Nutrition plays a vital role in health and wellness. This course will help the learner recognize the role food plays in lifestyle-related disease. In Lifestyle...

  • Online Only

    Promoting Health and the Human Experience

    This course will provide the foundation for several of the leading lifestyle-related diseases. An introduction to health behavior changes and readiness to change will be...

Lifestyle Medicine Certification

  • Advanced Certification in Lifestyle Medicine

    This program is for clinicians with an interest in inspiring healthy behaviors in their clients utilizing a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach. The Lifestyle Medicine curriculum will...

  • Certification in Lifestyle Medicine

    The Lifestyle Medicine curriculum will provide the foundation for assessing and treating those with conditions that impact living a healthy life. Clinicians will be able...