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Promoting Health and the Human Experience


Contact Hours: 43 Contact Hours

Length: 6 Weeks

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––– Prerequisite
Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine
For: PT, PTA, Other Licensed Health Care Providers

This course will provide the foundation for several of the leading lifestyle-related diseases. An introduction to health behavior changes and readiness to change will be incorporated as well. As a practitioner who works to inspire healthy behaviors, this course will also blend in the importance of the participant’s own lifestyle behaviors for their own personal health and as a role model to clients.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course a successful learner, students will have a foundation to work with clients on behavior change with insight to multiple potential contributing factors from individual and or social determinants. Students will also learn key areas of common lifestyle related diseases. As healthcare providers, understanding burnout and how to prioritize self care will be addressed.

  • Understand and describe the mechanism and impact of common Lifestyle Related Diseases (RLD) on health including diabetes, coronary artery disease, CVA, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure/lipids
  • Cite scientific evidence of Social Determinants of Health, Physical Determinants of Health, and Social Determinants of Mental Health and their impact on individual and societal health
  • Participate in Travis Wellness Index personal health assessment
  • Identify key concepts of sleep and the implication on LRDs and persistent pain
  • Describe the impact of relationships, stress, and pain experiences on the neuro-endocrine-immune systems
  • List and describe the key elements of the coaching process
  • Cite scientific evidence supporting the importance of Therapeutic Alliance for building client relationships
  • Explain the role of clinician burnout on the client and the clinician
  • Describe the important elements of self-care as clinicians
  • Understand the role of inflammation with pain, LRD, and systemic influences

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