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3 Ways A Certification Can Fit Into Your Life Now

July 22, 2021 • Education

Does this sound like you? You power through research articles to find ways to help your patients improve. You are always eager to learn from your fellow clinicians and peers. You consume podcasts, articles, research papers and anything else you can find to better your clinical practice – all while working full-time in the clinic. You, my friend, are a lifelong learner, a passionate clinician who is looking to push boundaries in the health care profession. When it comes to continuing education, you don’t want to settle, but you also have to balance all of your responsibilities. An Evidence In Motion certification or residency can help you strike that balance.

Past graduates say that they use the information that they learned from EIM certifications daily in their practice. How can you join fellow lifelong learners in a certification program that can have an incredible impact on your career? Certifications are built for clinicians just like you, and they are chocked full of research and practical clinical applications, with the flexibility and support you need to power through.

Certifications are flexible.

Certifications provide a structured learning path that focuses on an area of study, a patient population or a specific type of patient.  Flexibility is built in to fit your lifestyle – whether you need to stretch a certification out or need to choose courses that are near you.

  • Flexible finish dates – you can finish a certification in as few as 6 months, depending on the certification OR stretch your certification out for as long as 3 years.
  • Certification format – many of the certifications offer the option to choose between Hybrid and Online Only
  • Course locations – Find courses in locations that work for your schedule. There are many options to choose from when picking your course location. With over 300 course dates this year, you are sure to find a course that works for you.
  • Rolling start dates – you can start a certification from one of the four rolling start dates – you can even choose your start date after applying if your plans need to change
  • Personalized Plan of Study – you can plan your coursework around the time spent for each course, scheduling more intensive courses during months that you can devote more time and energy to those courses

Next Level Certifications

Intensive instruction is the key.

The structure of a certification utilizes a mix of self-paced, faculty-led online and weekend intensive/virtual lab courses. Course content is specifically chosen for each instruction style to give you the best learning experience possible.

  • Management/faculty led courses – these courses are the most time intensive, and we usually tell students to expect to spend an average of 10 hours a week on content depending on how fast they read, how accustomed they are to searching the literature, etc. These courses involve reading articles, watching video lectures, and having asynchronous (you do them at your leisure as long as they are done by a deadline) robust discussions with faculty and fellow students. These are definitely very intense courses, but also the ones we are often told are people’s favorites/the ones they get the most out of.
  • Weekend intensives/virtual labs – these are hands on labs that complement the online content. Because the didactic content is done online in advance, the labs focus on hand skills and LOTS of practice time, so you will walk away with muscle memory and the ability to immediately implement the techniques learned.
  • Self paced/self study courses – these courses are designed to give you a little bit of a “breather” from the intensity of management courses while still giving you in depth and relevant specialty information. These typically involve watching video lectures and reading articles, then passing a quiz to show mastery.
  • Virtual rounds – not all certifications have these, but these are case based discussions to help students cement their studies to real clinical scenarios. These take place in a synchronous format typically via Zoom.
  • Capstone – this is typically either an exam or a project to wrap up the certification.

Build relationships with faculty and peers.

Our certifications have rolling start dates, which means when you start a certification you are joining a cohort of other clinicians who you will learn alongside throughout your certification. You will be able to connect with your cohort and instructors throughout the certification, developing relationships with like-minded clinicians.

  • Networking –  you will have direct access to highly-experienced instructors who can answer your questions, steer you toward the right research and generally support you throughout the certification.
  • Connection – your cohort will include clinicians from different backgrounds and parts of the country, allowing you to connect with peers outside of typical network. However, your fellow clinicians will be interested in the same area of study as you are. This will give you an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with new peers who share your passion but give you a different point of view as you engage in the coursework.
  • Support System – you will be assigned a program advisor who will be your go-to for all the logistical questions you may have. You might not be sure if a cohort start date will work for you, that’s ok. Go ahead and apply! If you decide later that you want until the next cohort, your program advisor can easily move you to another cohort. If something comes up and you need to put your certification on pause, we understand life happens. Generally, certifications must be completed in no more than 3 years, but we will work with you to figure out a plan of study that will work, including taking classes faster or slower than scheduled, putting your certification on hold, etc.


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Commented • July 26, 2021

Hi Leonardo, thanks for reaching out! I am going to send you an email connecting you with our program advisor to help you get started.

Leonardo Olate

Commented • July 23, 2021

I'm a PT, working for the last 26 years, I've got a master degree in Manual Therapy and I'm seeking a tDPT program.

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