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Certification in Hybrid Learning


Length: 5 months

Fall 2024 Deadline:

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For: All Health Care Providers

Elevate your approach to hybrid healthcare education with our fully updated 24-week program featuring a 10-module workshop plus a 4-week hands-on practicum designed for healthcare educators in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, and speech-language pathology. This comprehensive program explores key aspects of effective online teaching, offers insights into pedagogical frameworks, inclusive practices, assessment strategies, and promotes continuous professional development approaches. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in these strategies, gaining practical insights on how to create engaging, inclusive, and effective online learning experiences for their students.

From course redesign to community building, this innovative workshop equips participants not only with theoretical knowledge but also with hands-on experience in enhancing the digital learning environment. Join us and transform your online teaching proficiency in the evolving landscape of healthcare education. Perfect for faculty with greater than 3-years of experience.


  • Apply the theories and models to effective online instruction.
  • Foster a Community of Inquiry in hybrid online courses.
  • Develop learning objectives to align knowledge and skills with professional standards.
  • Apply the Science of Learning across elements of course design and delivery.
  • Create experiential learning assignments that foster clinical reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Design assignments that are aligned with technology integration frameworks.
  • Deliver effective assessments and feedback to enhance student outcomes.
  • Promote inclusive, accessible, and sustainable practices in hybrid courses.
  • Integrate synchronous, asynchronous, and face-to-face modalities for holistic learning experiences.
  • Drive continuous improvement in hybrid teaching through continuous evaluation and reflection.


    • EDU 6510 Certification in Hybrid Learning


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