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Integrative Behavioral Health Certification for the Rehab Provider


Length: 21 weeks

Winter 2025 Deadline:

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For: Any licensed healthcare provider

This certification program provides entry-level knowledge for clinicians to understand clients experiencing more complex pain conditions. Behavioral health issues (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, etc.) are commonplace among clients seeking care for pain, chronic illness, and other health concerns. Learners will begin to understand the key features of integrating behavioral health concepts and clinical decision-making skills into their daily work. All coursework can be completed online.


At the end of the Evidence in Motion Integrative Behavioral Health for the Rehab Provider certification, a successful learner will be able to:

  • Recognize their professional responsibility to understand, acknowledge, and respond to the behavioral health condition(s) of their patients while maintaining their scope of practice.
  • Identify key features of common behavioral health diagnoses in order to aid in clinical decison-making related to screening, treatment, and referral.
  • Reinforce behavioral health treatment models and strategies in their patient interactions.
  • Adapt their interactions with patients to reflect increased empathy and compassion gleaned from a deeper understanding of human complexity impacted by culture, social determinants of health, and group dynamics.
  • Understand and integrate pain neuroscience education into their clinical practice.
  • Become a role model of bio-psycho-socially informed healthcare within your community.
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