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Bring the Inspiration

Our faculty is paramount to our mission: to offer accessible, lifelong education to health care professionals who are transforming their communities. Teaching is a calling to some of us, and a passion project for others. It’s a way to impact our professions in a way that can be even more expansive than the work we do in the clinic.

We seek to both create and execute a transformative educational experience for each student. If you’re interested in contributing to this important work, we invite you to join our passionate faculty team. Our Groom-to-Teach process prepares you to help us take health care education to the next level.

EIM Groom-to-Teach Process

  • Start as a Student to grasp the content
  • Serve as a Teaching Assistant to observe and acquire knowledge from our faculty
  • Transition to a Groom-to-Teach Instructor where you accept evaluation in teaching and leading
  • Become part of the EIM Faculty, where you’ll influence clinicians to improve patients’ lives with unparalleled results

EIM Faculty Qualifications

  • Board certification in content-aligned, specialty area and/or
  • Advanced expertise / experience in speciality area with plans to obtain certification
  • Experience with EIM coursework

Note: Where specialty certification is not applicable, advanced knowledge and experience are required
Note: Obtainable through Groom-to-Teach process

Application Process

  • Complete the EIM “Instructor Information” form
  • Submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Provide a written endorsement from a supervisor/professional who can speak to your teaching experience and capacity

What should I expect upon acceptance?

  • Onboarding through a self-paced module
  • Determining your custom pathway through the Groom-to-Teach process


Let’s get started