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Benefits of joining the EIM Pro Network

We work closely to help you reach overall organizational goals, enhance clinician knowledge and skills, and improve patient outcomes through our advanced training programs. With our Transform and Empower benefit levels, our team can connect you and your team to the next level of clinical excellence.

EIM Pro Network Benefits

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Empower Partners

  • Confluent Health Partners

    Confluent Health is a family of physical therapy and occupational therapy companies transforming health care by strengthening private practices, developing and educating highly effective clinicians, and lowering healthcare costs through workplace wellness and injury prevention.

  • OPTP®

    OPTP® is a trusted source of professional-grade tools from pain science to manual therapy to pelvic health and more. OPTP® has collaborated with health and fitness professionals for 45 years to develop and distribute the products clinicians need to translate their knowledge into effective clinical practice.