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Why EIM?

Reimagine health care education that’s accessible, affordable and transformative.


EIM’s specialty certifications, post-professional programs and continuing education courses empower you to reach the next level of patient care. We also partner with leading universities to provide accelerated graduate programs in health care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and others.

Our reimagined health care education model integrates evidence-based practice, top faculty from across the country, and a leading curriculum that combines online learning and collaboration with intensive hands-on lab experiences. It also increases access, reduces student debt and improves outcomes.

Having combined our major brands — KinetaCore, ISPI, and NeuroRTI — into one unified company, we are more prepared than ever to provide our students with what’s next and inspire the next next level of care.

We humanize health care. We empower transformation. We live for what’s next. We are EIM.