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What about a therapist’s voice

May 21, 2005 • Health Care News • Larry Benz

Interesting article on the fact that women are better at communicating with physician’s and more likely to visit physician’s more frequently.  In addition, the study reported that Doctor’s use 3 voices:  ‘doctor voice’ (seeking information), ‘educator voice’ – when
seeking to inform and educate the patient about their condition, and
the ‘fellow human voice’ – when trying to get patients to talk about
their problems.

Anyone familiar with this type of research in PT?  We have seen from an EBP perspective that the only two major consumer categories seeking best evidence on the web are college educated women and patients that have been diagnosed with something fatal.  From a marketing perspective, there is no doubt that we need to primarily market the key decision makers in health care-women.

Larry Benz

Dr. Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP, is the President/CEO of Confluent Health. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in private practice physical therapy and occupational medicine. Dr. Benz’s current areas of interest include conducting research and integrating empathy, compassion, and positive psychology interventions within physical therapy. He will be releasing a book in...

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