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The Power of Pain Neuroscience Education in Acute Care and Inpatient Rehab Settings

January 12, 2022 • Neurology • Megan Doyle

Pain neuroscience education (PNE) initially emerged from a need to better treat chronic pain and has more traditionally been incorporated in outpatient rehab settings. However, an increasing body of research demonstrates that an individual’s understanding of pain and personalized lifestyle factors directly correlate with the potential transition to chronic pain after an acute pain event. Therefore, there is a need for pain education to move “upstream” to when an individual has a surgical intervention or other acute pain experience that occurs during an inpatient admission and to take a proactive and preventative approach to pain care. This webinar will focus on integrating pain neuroscience education and “PNE+” interventions into these settings with an emphasis on treatment of acute pain using the biopsychosocial model and from an interdisciplinary perspective for best outcomes.

Presenter: Megan Doyle, OT
Date: June 21 , 2022
Time: 7:30 PM CDT

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Megan Doyle

Megan graduated from Marquette University with a BS in Exercise Science and a Psychology Minor in 2010, then obtained a MS in Occupational Therapy from Indiana University in 2012. In her initial years as an occupational therapist, she worked in a multitude of settings focused on adult populations, including acute care, long term care, work...

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