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Post-professional DPT in Neurologic Physical Therapy


Length: 13 - 15 months

Fall 2020 Deadline:

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For: PT

The Post-professional DPT in Neurologic Physical Therapy is a 13-15 month program of post-professional clinical and didactic education for physical therapists, designed to bridge a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to the Doctorate level. Students will advance their clinical knowledge and practice while completing coursework built upon the current best-evidence for the management of neurological conditions.


  • Achieve doctoral status in line with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Vision 2020.
  • Become a highly-skilled, autonomous practitioner who has substantially increased your ability to provide care to a full spectrum of patients with neurological injuries or conditions.
  • Enhance your critical thinking to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Improve your knowledge of current evidence and begin preparation for the Neurologic Specialist Certification exam.
  • Have the opportunity to apply these credit hours towards the Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency.


    • EBP 6100 – Evidence-based Practice
    • NEUR 6130 WI – Manual Therapy for Patients with Neurologic Diagnoses
      • 2-day on-site lab: See course page for date and location
    • NEUR 6141 – Neuroanatomy: Spinal Cord and Peripheral Structures
    • NEUR 6120 WI – Applied Neuro Rehab: Electrical Stimulation and Assistive Technology
      • 2-day on-site lab
    • NEUR 6210 – Management of Acquired Brain Injury
    • NEUR 6110 WI – Applied Neuro Rehab: Motor Learning and Gait Analysis
      • 2-day on-site lab
    • NEUR 6140 –  Neuroanatomy: Brain and Cranial Structures
    • NEUR 6230 – Management of Other Neurological Diagnoses
    • NEUR 6220 – Management of Spinal Cord Injury
    • NEUR 6180 – Motor Learning/Motor Control
    • NEUR 6150 – Differential Diagnosis
    • NEUR 6160 – Medical Imaging
    • NEUR 6170 – Pharmacology
    • NEUR 7370 – Virtual Rounds and Case Presentations
    • NEUR 7080 – Neuro Capstone

    Please note  that the post-professional DPT degree is not intended as an advanced academic degree in preparation for teaching as ranked faculty in a physical therapy educational program. The Post-professional DPT  in Neurologic Physical Therapy is designed to be a clinically oriented degree. Typically, academic institutions seek ranked faculty members who have “terminal doctoral degrees”, such as a PhD, DSc, etc. Individuals desiring an advanced academic degree that prepares them for teaching should pursue the appropriate degree (PhD, DSc, etc.) based on feedback from their target institution. While some institutions with a clinical faculty appointment track recognize the post-professional DPT for academic purposes, most require that it come from a regionally accredited institution.

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