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Pelvic Health Certification


Length: 12 months

Summer 2020 Deadline:

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DPT Add-On Available

For: PT, OT, PTA

Evidence In Motion’s Pelvic Health Certification (PHC) will enable you to understand the structure and function of the pelvic floor and prepare you to incorporate it into practice. You will learn how to incorporate the pelvic floor into your treatment for your hip, back, and SI joint patients, receive valuable instruction on a variety of topics related to the pelvic floor in people of all genders, as well as instruction on physical therapy treatment during pregnancy and the postpartum period.


  • Become a certified, highly skilled, autonomous practitioner with advanced clinical competency in pelvic floor physical or occupational therapy.
  • Be trained and equipped to incorporate the pelvic floor into treatment for orthopaedic dysfunction such as hip, low back, and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Be equipped to incorporate the full musculoskeletal system into treatment for patients with primary pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Make evidence-based practice an immediate reality in your clinical practice.
  • Enhance your critical thinking and psychomotor skills to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Have the opportunity to use your Certification credit towards other EIM post-professional training, should you decide to do so down the road.

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    Jenn Stone, PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

    Program Director


    Alyson Ellis

    Clinic Director, TexPTS


  • Student must take 2 of the 5 electives provided.

    • PHPT 6110 – Lifestyle Considerations
    • PHPT 6120 – Sexuality Considerations
    • PHPT 6130 – Pelvic Floor Post-op/Pharmacology
    • PHPT 6140 – Special Populations
    • ORPT 6110 – Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Spinal Pain


    • PHPT 7080 – PHPTC Capstone Examinations
  • Post-professional DPT can be added to the Pelvic Health Certification for an additional $3,600 in tuition and 6 additional credits of coursework to include:
    • BUSI 6200 – Business Management Principles for the Rehab Therapist
    • APPT 6110 – Essentials of Pharmacology & Clinical Lab Tests
    • APPT 6210 – Essentials of Musculoskeletal Imaging
    • APPT 6220 – Essentials of Medical Screening
    • PROF 6100 – Professionalism: Roles and Responsibilities
    • ISPI-TPS 6400 – ISPI-Therapeutic Neuroscience Education (All Online Learning)

    The Post-professional DPT degree is not intended as an advanced academic degree in preparation for teaching as ranked faculty in a physical therapy educational program. The EIM Post-professional DPT is designed to be a clinically oriented degree. Typically, academic institutions seek ranked faculty members who have “terminal doctoral degrees”, such as a PhD, DSc, etc. Individuals desiring an advanced academic degree that prepares them for teaching should pursue the appropriate degree (ie, PhD, DSc, etc.) based on feedback from their target institution. While some institutions with a clinical faculty appointment track recognize the Post-professional DPT for academic purposes, most require that it come from a regionally accredited institution.

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