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Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency


Length: 13 - 15 months

Fall 2020 Deadline:

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For: PT

The Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency is a post-professional clinical and didactic education program for physical therapists designed to advance the resident’s preparation as a provider of patient care services in neurologic physical therapy. An intensive combination of didactic, collaborative and clinical education experiences using a combination of distance learning, online courses, virtual rounds, weekend intensive hands-on courses and clinical practice hours (including one-on-one mentor hours).


  • Grow as practitioners skilled in neurologic physical therapy.
  • Become highly skilled, autonomous practitioners who have substantially increased their ability to provide care to a full spectrum of patients with neurologic injuries or conditions.
  • Gain a strong base of knowledge of evidence-based practice and preventative and rehabilitative neurologic therapy techniques.

EIM’s Neurologic Residency Program has an 85% graduation rate and 82% NCS pass rate, based on five years of data.


    Christy White, PT, DPT, NCS



    Alyson Ellis

    Clinic Director, TexPTS


    • NEUR 6141 – NeuroAnatomy: Spinal Cord and Peripheral Structures
    • NEUR 6220 – Management of Spinal Cord Injury
    • NEUR 6120WI – Applied Neuro Rehab: Electrical Stimulation and Assistive Technology
      • Includes a 2-day on-site lab intensive
    • NEUR 6210 – Management of Acquired Brain Injury
    • NEUR 6110WI – Applied Neuro Rehab: Motor Learning and Gait Analysis
      • Includes a 2-day on-site lab intensive
    • PROF 6100 – Professionalism: Roles and Responsibilities
    • NEUR 6140 – NeuroAnatmony: Brain and Cranial Structures
    • NEUR 6230 – Management of Other Neurological Diagnoses
    • NEUR 6130WI – Manual Therapy for Patients with Neurologic Diagnoses
      • Includes a 2-day on-site lab intensive: See course page for dates and locations.
    • NEUR 6100 – Neuro Residency Orientation
    • NEUR 6150 –  Differential Diagnosis
    • RES 6110 – Writing Case Reports and Case Series
    • NEUR 6180 – Motor Learning/Motor Control
    • NEUR 6190 – Physical Therapist as Educators
    • NEUR 7080 – NCS Test Prep Course
    • NRTI 7690 Mentored Clinical Practice
    • NEUR 7370 Neurologic Virtual Rounds and Case Presentations

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