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Certification in Hybrid Learning


Length: 4 - 5 months

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For: All Health Care Providers

Evidence In Motion (EIM) is an innovator in physical therapy and health care education. The Certification in Hybrid Learning program is an online, three course certification that will provide current and future faculty with the knowledge, skills and mentored experiences needed to effectively teach and mentor students in hybrid learning environments. Topics will range from hybrid teaching theory, course development and design, to implementation at the entry- and post-professional levels.


  • Recognize key aspects of the hybrid learning model of teaching and learning.
  • Develop knowledge and skills needed to engage students in hybrid learning environments.
  • Apply hybrid learning concepts to create original resources used in hybrid teaching.
  • Participate in hybrid learning settings and platforms that promote effective learning.

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    • EDU 6110 Essentials in Hybrid Learning
    • EDU 6210 Effective Skills in Hybrid Learning
    • EDU 6220 Teaching Practicum in Hybrid Learning and Teaching


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