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Live Webinar: Exercise – Correctives for your “reset” and addressing the immune system

March 20, 2020 • Personal Wellness • Edo Zylstra

With all the amazing resets we have as clinical tools, it is imperative to give our patients ways to control the increase in range of motion and functional mobility.  So often we stop at reducing the pain or improving the range and spend less time committing to the activities that will give our patients longer term results and correction of their impairments. With the ongoing issues we are seeing with inactivity, secondary to the current recommendations with Covid-19, and patients continuing to struggle with comorbidities, it is so important for us to understand and teach to our patients the impact that exercise and movement can have on their immune system.

Presenter: Edo Zylstra, PT, DPT
Date: Wednesday April 15, 2020
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST


Upon completion of this presentation, attendees will:

  1. Have a simple strategy for addressing correctives with our resets
  2. Understand that exercise has a panacea of natural “drugs” that positively impact our health
  3. Understand the impact of exercise on our immune system

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Edo Zylstra

Edo founded KinetaCore (now EIM) in 2006, out of a desire to share his Functional Dry Needling© technique with other therapists who wanted to help their patients return to their daily activities more quickly. He is passionate about teaching dry needling and advocating for its acceptance across the U.S. Current Roles: Faculty, EIM Founder, KinetaCore...

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