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Spinal Manipulation


Credit: 24 contact hours

Length: 1 DAY

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For: PT, DPT

This blended online/onsite course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of physical therapists, building upon entry-level training of orthopedic manual physical therapy in regard to joint movement for the lumbar spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine and pelvis. This course is based on The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice Manipulation Educational Manual and the latest research and clinical implementation of spinal manipulation for physical therapists. The focus of this course is safe and skillful application of the manipulation techniques taught in the class. The class features a full day of spinal manipulation lab training of the lumbar, cervical and thoracic areas plus 4 weeks of online didactic learning prior to learning techniques.  Physical Therapy clinicians will be taught the latest research regarding issues related to spinal manipulation including the history of spinal manipulation, demystifying the concept of the “audible pop”, clinical prediction rules, safety including contraindications and precautions, consent for manipulation, efficacy of manipulation for spinal pain and models for the application of spinal manipulation. Furthermore, clinicians will be taught sound clinical reasoning skills to appropriately apply spinal manipulative procedures. Complimentary treatments such as exercise, education, modalities and more will be discussed and demonstrated to provide the clinicians with immediate clinical applicable information. Safe and effective handling skills form the core of this course. Instructor to student ratio is monitored to ensure quality supervision and instruction.


  1. Recognize the current best evidence for the implementation of spinal manipulation in clinical practice
  2. Have a working knowledge of the safety issues, precautions and contraindications to spinal manipulation and be able to apply them in the course and in clinical practice
  3. Safely and effectively apply the tests and techniques taught in the course
  4. Have a working knowledge in the choice of manipulative procedures in an evidence-based, multi-model approach to spinal pain including adjunct treatments such as exercise, mobilization, modalities and more

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Dates and Location

  • Johnston, IA

    Johnston Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

    August 1 - 1, 2020

    Emilio Puentedura

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