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Online: Pain, PT and the Opioid Epidemic


Credit: 6 Hours/.6 CEU/6 CCU

Length: Self-paced (ONLINE ONLY)

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For: PT, PTA

Growing evidence supports that teaching patients more about the neurophysiology and biology of pain allows for decreased pain, increased movement and function, various decreased psychometric measurements and higher compliance with therapy. This online self-paced, self-study lecture series, based on the latest neuroscience view of pain, aims to help health care providers update their knowledge of pain and apply it clinically today.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Analyze how common faulty cognitions impact pain and disability in people with pain.
  • Justify the need to carefully reanalyze the use of biomedical information to educate patients about pain.
  • Recognize the evidence supporting pain neuroscience education for people in pain.
  • Integrate the latest neuroscience of pain into clinical reasoning in people with persistent pain.
  • Verify how neuroscience education uses metaphors, examples and pictures in an easy-to-understand format for people in pain.
  • Explain to a patient how the body’s alarm system, the nervous system, becomes increasingly sensitive; how it impacts function and how therapy can help.
  • Apply concepts, treatments and examples from the class into immediate clinical application into your practice immediately.

CEU and Cancellation Policy

If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact us here. We will process requests for reasonable accommodation and will provide reasonable accommodations where appropriate, in a prompt and efficient manner. For more information please see the Accommodation Procedures for Participants with Disabilities.

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  • The course was eye opening and very educating. It will greatly enhance your ability to tackle some of the more challenging cases involving pain and give you the knowledge and tools to likely make a larger impact on these folks. Course Graduate

  • This course gives you clear directions on how to establish a more effective protocol for treating chronic pain patients. It'll reduce the frustration and exhaustion that you feel when encountering patients with conditions such as chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic whiplash.....Additionally, you'll even get an edge up on how to prevent an acute condition from becoming chronic. Course Graduate

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