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Online: Essentials of Pharmacology and Clinical Lab Tests


Credit: 12 Hours/1.2 CEU/12 CCU

Length: 4 Weeks

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For: PT, ATC

This course is specifically designed to complement entry-level education and enhance the integration of pharmacological and clinical laboratory principles into the participant’s clinical practice. Learning focuses on the clinical application of key pharmacology principles in an outpatient musculoskeletal physical therapy setting. The course provides a brief overview of commonly used nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements and overviews a core set of clinical lab tests that physical therapists and athletic trainers should understand and be confident suggesting to medical providers or ordering themselves (based on the physical therapist’s practice act or credentials). The clinical lab tests discussed include basic biochemistry, immunology, hematology, & microbiology tests.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of pharmacokinetic and pharmacotherapeutic principles and how they impact our patients.
  • Identify indications for common classes of drugs, as well as their intended therapeutic actions, potential side effects, and potential implications for physical therapy practice.
  • Use information on therapeutic actions, potential side effects, and implications for PT practice in planning and modifying patient plans of care.
  • Use selected web-based resources on pharmacology.
  • Understand key indications for requesting selected clinical lab tests, as well as the ranges for normal test results.
  • Understand potential reasons for abnormal clinical lab tests, and identify a plan of action once an abnormal clinical lab test is identified.



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  • Why EIM

    We’re reimagining health care education that takes you to the next next level. With learning that takes place where you are, evidence-based practice, and better outcomes for your patients, our education is transformative. That’s why EIM.

  • This is a fast paced course which will give you an overview of medications we often encounter in our clinic. You will need to set aside time to really learn and remember all the mechanisms, characteristics of these medications. Course Graduate

  • This is a great course to improve knowledge on medications. It is broad enough to cover everything that I see as a practitioner. Course Graduate

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