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Online: Educating People About Pain: A Neuroscience Approach for the VA


Credit: 9 hours/.9 CEU/9 CCU

Length: 30 DAYS (ONLINE)

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Pain is complex and new paradigms of pain, i.e., neuromatrix, nerve sensitivity, endocrine and immune responses to pain and neuroplasticity has opened various exciting non-pharmacological options in the treatment of pain. One such approach is altering what patients think and believe about their pain. It is well established that patients often have faulty beliefs regarding pain, which in turn may increase fear, catastrophization, pain and disability. The paradox is that patients are interested in pain; especially how pain works.

Growing evidence supports that teaching patients more about the neurophysiology and biology of pain allows for decreased pain, increased movement and function, various decreased psychometric measurements and higher compliance with therapy.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

This lecture, based on the latest neuroscience view of pain, aims to help healthcare providers update their knowledge of pain. Furthermore, the lecture will expose healthcare providers to a newly designed therapeutic neuroscience education language used in various research projects and clinical practice with the aim to help patients achieve success.

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  • This is an excellent course; I would definitely recommend it. It was straight to the point, covered all the important details and gave me some concrete dialogue to utilize with my patients. Course Graduate

  • This course has really change my perspective in treatment of chronic pain. Even though I have practiced as a PT for the last 25 years, this course has really shifted my focus from biomedical to biopsychosocial approach. Course Graduate

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