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Management of the Wrist, Forearm, and Hand


Contact Hours: 24

Length: 2 Days

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For: PT

EIM’s Management of the Wrist, Forearm, and Hand course is designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skills in the evidence-based management of individuals with wrist, forearm, and hand disorders and dysfunction. This lab-intensive course focuses on clinical reasoning and hands-on skill development necessary to effectively evaluate and treat a variety of wrist, forearm, and hand conditions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and pathology of the wrist, forearm, and hand, as well as learn a variety of evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques for both conservative and post-operative care including, but not limited to, mobilizations, taping, strength and stability exercises, and orthotic fabrication.


Contact Hours: 24 – 8 online & 16 on-site

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Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Locate and discuss appropriate wrist, forearm, and hand anatomy and pathology.
  • Perform comprehensive evaluations of the wrist, forearm, and hand to determine the cause of dysfunction.
  • Select appropriate special tests to evaluate for a variety of wrist, forearm, and hand diagnoses.
  • Discuss evidence-based treatments for conservative care of a variety of wrist, forearm, and hand injuries.
  • Understand the precautions and evidence-based care of post-operative treatment.
  • Demonstrate splinting and appropriate immobilization and progression of chronic and acute wrist, forearm, and hand diagnoses.


Dates and Locations

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  • Why EIM

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  • The course helped me understand the why to some of the problems and injuries we encounter with the hand, wrist/forearm. Course Graduate

  • The best part of this course is that we are able to discuss clinical questions with other professionals without a pecking order. Expertise offered in addition to the opportunity to practice with instructors present is priceless. Course Graduate


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