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Functional Dry Needling® of the Pelvic Floor


Contact Hours: 26 Contact Hours

Length: 2-3 DAYS

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Functional Dry Needling® Level 1
For: PT, DC, ATC, MD, DO, PA, NP (LAc only by request/referral.)

Functional Dry Needling of the Pelvic Floor will focus on technical proficiency in foundational dry needling and neuromodulation techniques in complex regions of the body including the female and male pelvic floor, and associated neuroanatomical structures including the thoracolumbar spine, abdomen, pelvis, and hip joint complex. Anatomy, safety, precautions, clinical reasoning for application, and psychomotor aspects of needling are reinforced alongside in-depth instruction in neurophysiology behind dry needling mechanisms and the use of electrical stimulation with needling to expand your skill set and bolster application in clinical practice.

This course is a revolutionary approach to treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction commonly associated with pelvic, lumbar, and/or hip pain, incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and/or sexual pain or dysfunction. Dry needling will assist with the restoration of muscle function, improve proprioception, reduce and eliminate pain, and normalize tissue sensitivity to optimize patients’ function and quality of life.

FDN of the Pelvic Floor is a hybrid learning module with online material to supplement hands-on instruction at the weekend intensive.

*Participants who are pregnant MUST bring a model to be needled in their stead.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, a successful learner will be able to:

  • Describe the practice of Functional Dry Needling, including how this adjunctive treatment can influence functional outcomes for patients with pelvic, lumbar, and/or hip pain.
    Apply solid clinical reasoning in the application of Functional Dry Needling for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Describe the appropriate use of percutaneous electrical stimulation, including neuromodulation techniques with Functional Dry Needling for enhanced outcomes.
  • Demonstrate safe, effective, and appropriate application of Functional Dry Needling in complex areas including the male and female pelvic floor, thoracolumbar spine, abdomen, and hip complex.
  • Discuss evidence-based, patient-centered intervention case scenarios that reflect best clinical practice in Functional Dry Needling
  • Discuss the scope of practice, functional benefits, and advocacy considerations regarding dry needling

Note on prerequisites for this course: In addition to prerequisite course, participants must submit a log of 100 dry needling sessions (the log must include four muscles).

*If you do not see your profession listed above please email [email protected] to discuss whether you might be able to take the course.

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  • The course was fabulous! It offers another treatment strategy for these patients that may be "tougher," but also really any patient who needs a muscle or neuro reset to allow further improvement on top of that. Course Graduate

  • The course offers another useful strategy/treatment avenue for complex populations. Course Graduate


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