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Why EIM Access Membership?

Get unlimited access for one year to online courses in various specialty areas, clinical resources, clinical videos, exclusive live webinars, online mentorship and more in two different access levels. Take a step toward specialization, reimagine patient care in your practice, and find your passion.


Access Membership Tier Breakdown

Choose Your Level

  • Select Access Level

    Get unlimited access for one year to:

    • Clinical Resources, including exercise guides, clinical research, and patient homework.
    • Online self-paced courses in various specialties, including manual therapy, dry needling, pain science, pelvic health and more.
    • Access to our webinar library, with presentations on a variety of topics hosted by industry experts.
    • 5% discount on all EIM programs, courses and Align Conference.
  • Premier Access Level

    Get unlimited access for one year to:

    • All Select Access Level resources, courses and webinars +
    • Online mentorship to get your specific clinical, practice or education questions answered by an expert in the field
    • Clinical videos that will give you step-by-step instructions on specific techniques for your patients
    • Spanish-language PNE handouts
    • Monthly live webinars covering multi-specialty clinical-based topics and new research and case studies.
    • Presentation templates on various topics for you to use in your own clinic presentations.
    • 10% discount on all EIM courses and Align Conference.
    • 5% discount on all EIM programs.